Tribune Transforms Business for Heightened Relevance by Embracing Cloud Computing (Windows Azure)

Tribune’s adoption of Windows Azure is a great example of how IT can transform business and become a strategic asset than merely a cost center. When IT is run as a business, it is more agile as IT and  business alignment is implicit.  Cloud Computing platforms like Windows Azure helps IT transform into a an agile entity that allows fast responses to the customer demands. By “customer” I mean the business end users within a company who want to build new applications for their customers or applications for their own consumption.

Steve Gable, a good friend mine is transforming Tribune into a new media company through bold IT strategies and Windows Azure adoption in one such progressive step.

Tribune used a combination of Windows Azure Storage, CDN and FAST Search to implement a common content repository that enabled Tribune to leverage same content through multiple channels.

The following is the quote from Steve on the benefits of Windows Azure adoption:

“Adopting Windows Azure helps us heighten our relevance … in a scalable, cost-effective way. The pay-as-you-go model is a lot less expensive than the $1.5 million annually that we would have spent.” - Steve Gable, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Tribune Company

The full case study of Tribune can be found at : 


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