Windows Phone 7 vNext “Mango” Announcements at MIX 11

Joe Belfiore announced the Mango features including the following at MIX 11 :

  • IE9 support leverages HTML5 rendering engine similar to the one on desktop. That means hardware accelerated HTML5 Audio and Video (H264) playback is supported without the need for plug-ins
  • Application specific Background Agents scheduled by OS in a battery friendly manner. Applications can write their own agents which can be scheduled by OS.
  • 16 additional new languages
  • Multiple live tiles for each application; you will be able to take a specific aspect of the application and pin it as a tile.
  • Applications can be submitted from 38 counties during Mango time frame.
  • User experience enhancements through “search” enabling of installed applications. Useful when you install a lot of applications.
  • Raw camera feed access to applications
  • In-memory local SQL database for ease of data intensive applications.

All in all Mango is set to transform Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to be a top player in the smartphone market!

- Hanu

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