Fix for the failure when running patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance Integration and Build Verification Tests

If you failed running the test cases for BVT, do the following to fix it.

  1. read bvt_integration_tests_readme.txt.
  2. make sure that that Contoso training site is running. For example, having http://localhost/training running as a Contoso training site.
  3. Open Config.cs file under HelperClasses folder. make sure the following:
    1. siteURL is the running training site you want to test
    2. make sure that the yor are the owner of the site and the site colleciton.
    3. Maker sure that spgemployee and spgmanager are created in the local PC
    4. make sure that spgemployee is added to the Contoso Employees group (do this in the SharePoint site)
    5. make sure that spgmanager is added to the Contoso Managers group (do this in the SharePoint site)
  4. if the workflow related test cases fail, check the site to make sure that workflow is running correct. If not, make sure the workflow for Registrations List is enabled. To do that, click Lists->Registrations->Settings->List Settings->Workflow Settings, make sure Registration Approval v1 is under the Workflow Name and click it. Under the Change a Workflow: Registrations page, make sure the Start Options have the following tow boxes checked: “Allow this work flow to be manually started …” and “Start this worflow weh a new item is created”