Interesting article about All You Can Eat Sushi


For those of you who know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE sushi!  I try to find good to great sushi places that I can visit once a month (or more if affordable).  In the Phoenix area (referring to entire valley), I have found a few places that I enjoy going back to on a regular basis.  One of the places I frequent happens to offer an All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) option.  I know the rules require me to eat the rice as well as the fish so I go into it with the understanding that I won’t be able to eat as much fish as I could if I avoided all the rice, but that is something I agree to when I embark on my sushi binge.

Yesterday, my wife brought an interesting article to my attention:  Evidently, a man decided to take advantage of an AYCE joint in Los Angeles.  Knowing what the rules are, he chose to eat only the fish because he claimed to be diabetic and couldn’t eat all that rice.  When the owner charged him full price for all the sushi he had eaten (since he didn’t follow the rules), the man got upset because he claimed he should get an exemption for being diabetic.  The man is now suing the owner for $4,000 because he feels he was discriminated against.

OMG!!!!!  Is this man really that stupid?  I can understand if the “rules” for the AYCE weren’t made clear, but I don’t know of a single AYCE place that does not make that VERY clear.  I would love to pay the cheaper price of AYCE sushi and get AYCE sashimi!  I would be able to eat three times as much.  Of course, the sushi restaurant would go out of business fairly quickly or just stop offering the AYCE sushi. 

Why are some people always trying to break the rules and then blame someone else for their stupidity?  I wonder if this guy also claims that because he is diabetic, he shouldn’t have to pay his Income Tax either?  Or perhaps, he should get to drive in the car pool lane without having the proper amount of people in his car so long as he has his pet dog?

Couldn’t help blogging about this kind of stupidity as it just annoys me (and I’m sure it annoys a lot of other people too).

Harold Wong