My Manager, Scott Kerfoot, picked up an interesting sticker from the ground. Would you do the same?

My manager, Scott Kerfoot came into town on Monday, February 25th, for meetings with me and my teammate, Michael Palermo.  I picked him up at his hotel on the way into the office as he did not have a rental car.  After parking in the garage, we head downstairs and Scott sees this red sticker just laying on the ground (I paid no attention to it as it just looked like trash).  Scott immediately stops, picks up the sticker and sticks it on his shirt.  I’m thinking “has Scott totally lost his marbles???”.  Scott then looks at me with a big grin on his face and points at his new found sticker.

It says “Ask me why I’m Awesome!”. 


Of course, I did ask Scott why he is awesome.  For some reason, he was having too much fun with the sticker itself to give me an answer.  I’ll have to assume he really isn’t that awesome.  Smile 

So, the question I have for you is this.  If you were wearing that sticker and people asked you why you were awesome, what would your answer be?

Harold Wong