Recycle Bin.. Continued

Project Structure:

Handler 1: Handles Upload(insert) and Delete events , Name: DocLibrary

-------------- BaseEventSink.cs (from the first post)

-------------- EventSinkData.cs(from the second post)


Handler 2: Handles the Restore event (which is in fact the insert event again), Name: WasteBasket

-------------- BaseEventSink.cs (from the third post)

-------------- EventSinkData.cs(from the fourth post)

We also need two configuration files that are stored on the server in a file system location "C:\Sharepoint". Both have the same structure and the same data, however, the names are different. The two files are Configuration.xml and TrashConfiguration.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>











You would need to enter the credentials only if you are using an impersonation context, else leave it blank. Setup instructions following....