Theres a lot happening in the Microsoft Office System space over the past 6 months or so. Those of you who have even an inkling of technology might be aware that a new product is on the anvil in the SharePoint space. With the Microsoft Office System 2007 (formerly code named Office "12") going through the beta cycles, I will be keeping mum till we get to the Beta 2 milestone.

I cant offer a till then scenario since the product has received its fair share of blog space to feed the rising curiosity. But definitely one thing deserves a mention as my good friends and colleagues dw and rr have already blogged. The SharePoint Developer team has come together and created a blog for talking about the new product. Its been a long time coming and finally we have a great blog. And as Ryan mentions, give them a pat on the back for taking out the time out of the busy build cycle to spread the word.

Take a look: da SharePoint Blog