Archived Webcast - Modern Workplace Fire Away Friday 6-8-2018

On this edition of Modern Workplace Fire Away Friday we discussed all the top announcements that came out of the SharePoint Conference as well as answered questions live on air about Microsoft collaboration services. (Video down below)

Joining the broadcast this week was Microsoft’s Dave Upton. Dave will be a regular part of the broadcast moving forward.

Additionally, per viewer requests moving forward each live webcast will include a tips/how to segment.

Coverage in this weeks edition included:

·      Enrich your SharePoint Content with Intelligence and Automation

·      SharePoint innovations transform content collaboration with mixed reality and AI

·      What's new for your intranet in Office 365

·      Introducing Microsoft Training Services

·      Welcome to SharePoint Server 2019, a modern platform for choice and flexibility

·      Security you can trust, control you can count on with SharePoint and OneDrive (SPC News)

·      What's new in Microsoft Teams - June Roundup


Resource links from the webcast:

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