New Audiocast: Collaborative solutions for better patient care and a healthier bottom line

Back in January, I wrote a piece entitled Big Healthcare Savings from Surprisingly Simple Solutions.  I profiled some excellent work at Childrens Memorial Hospital of Chicago where they are using solutions built with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, and InfoPath to absolutely delight clinical staff and add of ton of money to their bottom line.

This story is especially compelling because it didn't take expensive consultants or a lot of IT support to make it happen.  In fact, it originally started with one clinician who thought he could improve some scheduling and work-flow processes in his unit using software the hospital already owned.  He did much of the work himself in his spare time.  Some projects took only a few days to implement.  Now, clinicians and business leaders across the organization are launching their own projects based on the simple premise of using very powerful, intuitive and proven commodity software to tackle some of the big issues in healthcare. 

I wanted to share this story with more of you and decided to feature Children's Memorial Hospital of Chicago in my next House Calls audio-cast.  And, who better to tell the story than the clinicians themselves.  I hope you enjoy the show and I hope you'll share this with colleagues across the nation and the world.

Bill Crounse, MD       Worldwide Health Director       Microsoft Corporation 

Click below to listen to the program:

Collaborative solutions for better patient care and a healthier bottom line
This program is also available in MP3 for download.

Are clinicians and business managers in your organization hindered by poor communication? Do gaps in daily work-flow processes overwhelm your hospital and reduce your bottom line? Despite the IT systems you have in place, do you still rely on paper forms and processes? Simple and cost-effective communication and collaboration solutions can reduce these problems for you, your care teams, managers, and patients. In this audiocast, Dr. Bill Crounse and his guests discuss how Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago is using information technology solutions from  Microsoft to transform their business and improve their bottom line.

Panel guests

Dr. Cynthia Rigsby, is chief of Body Imaging at Children’s Memorial Hospital and co-chair of the Department of Medical Imaging.  She also serves as professor of Radiology at Northwestern University.

Dr. Andrew De Freitas, is attending physician in the Cardiology division at Children’s Memorial Hospital, is also a professor of Cardiology at Northwestern University.

Eric Gasber, is a Registered Nurse in Surgical Services with the Nursing Sedation Team at Children’s Memorial Hospital.