Setting Microsoft Outlook MailTips – Modern Workplace Tips

This morning a colleague working with a fellow customer account shot me an instant message. He said that the customer wanted to know if it was possible to set a MailtTip in Microsoft Outlook to alert their users when they were sending an email to someone outside of their organization. The short answer was yes, but there also are a wide range of additional options for setup. Additionally, as Office 365 customers they could take additional advantage of Office 365 Data Loss Protection (DLP) to set up alerts and educational prompts for users around sensitive data inclusion as well.

In this Modern Workplace Tips I show how to set up MailTips in Microsoft Outlook.


For more information on Outlook MailTips see “Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 MailTips Options”

To learn more about extended scenarios leveraging Office 365 DLP see “Overview of data loss prevention policies”

Modern Workplace Tips is a video series, created using PowerPoint Recording, where Michael Gannotti demonstrates Modern Workplace tips and tricks.