Meet the Upgraded HealthVault Developer Center

We are happy to announce the make-over of HealthVault Developer Center. The HealthVault Developer Center is an online site meant to complement the MSDN HealthVault Developer Center, Application Configuration Center and GetReal developed X-Ray for HealthVault tool.  This site itself is a HealthVault application, and contains useful online tools to view raw user data, add editable sample data to a record and view methods & data-types schema documentation.


Fig 1. HealthVault Developer Center

In this upgrade of HealthVault Developer Center in addition to new look and feel, we have added following features -

  • Ability to add samples for data types

Developers can now add sample data to their development account directly through HealthVault DataType explorer.

Fig 2. Ability to add samples for HealthVault data types

  • Ability to edit samples

We adding controls to edit the existing sample data. Most of these controls are auto-generated and the individual fields are also hooked up to auto-complete if the schema recommends a preferred vocabulary for the field.

Fig 3. Show-casing Allergy Episode Sample


Fig 4. Control enabling editing of Allergy Episode Sample.

  • Rich and Brows-able documentation for each data-type

We have added rich brows-able documentation for each data-type.


Fig 5. Brows-able documentation for Medication Type

  • Each type now shows the version associated with it

Fig 6. Type Versions for Medication Type in HealthVault DataType Explorer.

  • Ability to look at the content of GetServiceDefinition

Developers can now directly read the HealthVault Service Definition through the Methods Browser.


Tell us what you think..

Please feel free to comment on features you would like or report on bugs in this tool. We are planning to do a bug-fix update shortly.