More Info About Avalon

Hey, look, I'm on the web!  Okay, well, I guess it's not that big a deal but I've finally gotten "create a blog" off my task list.

I'm a program manager on the Avalon team (part of WinFX) at Microsoft.  I've been on this team more or less since it started and have had the opportunity to work on a variety of different features in the product including Controls, Layout and Editing.  You may have even seen me at the last PDC talking about styles.

Having worked on Avalon for a while it's really exciting to get builds released, the latest being the March CTP.  One thing that I really enjoy is talking with customers.  Feedback, samples, bugs, questions, comments -- it's all great!  And, with each release, we get more and more.

I actually setup this blog to add to the repertoire of tools I have to engage with customers.  In the short term, I have half a dozen Avalon samples that I've built for various occasions and would like to share more broadly.  Typically, these show off features that haven't yet been documented or that aren't front and center but are still important.  I believe I've got samples on:

  • Authoring custom layouts
  • Using IScrollInfo to do custom scrolling
  • Creating adorners to use with AdornerDecorator
  • Using Grid size sharing to build a "listview-like" grid
  • Using scaling in layout
  • Using the text object model to iterate through formatted document content
  • Others...

If there's a particular order that you'd like to see these in, let me know.