WinFX B2 Ships! Got Perf?

I am very excited that we shipped B2!!  Wahoo!  Not only am I excited because I've been working on the product a long time but also because we made so much great performance improvements in WPF in B2 that everyone gets to see!

Yes, there are still areas that we need to work on and we are but the perf work that made it into B2 should be visible across the platform.  I'm not going to be able to list everything here but we made a lot of headway on both working set and cpu utilization.

I wanted to highlight one new API that we added to help in throttling frame rate when you don't need 60 fps.  You can set the StoryBoard.DesiredFrameRate now to control the animation fps.  The lower the number, the less CPU utilization you should see.

As always, I love hear feedback.