You, too, can own a new PDC USB Hard Drive

Traditionally, when you first get to the PDC and stop by the registration desk, you get a bag of all kinds of goodies, including a handful of CD's or DVD's that might contain relevant bits for attendees.  This year, we're handing out the bits on a 160GB USB hard drive!

Since I'm helping organize the PDC this year, I just got to check it out (I'm actually writing this as I'm sitting in one of the many weekly PDC meetings that I attend) - they are HOT!  Not only are the drives themselves sweet - PDC-branded, black, sleek - we hope that a single, USB drive for your bits will be more convenient than a handful of DVD's.  Plus, you get to re-use it:)  Get a peek at it in this Channel 9 video.

So, how do you get one of these?  Register and attend the PDC - you've still got time!!