Excel 2007 Hotfix Package released

I wanted to be sure you are aware that Microsoft has recently addressed anissue in Excel 2007 and Excel Services in Office SharePoint Server 2007 throughthe following hotfixes:

1.     Excel 2007 hotfix package: October 3,2007 (KB 943075)

2.     Excel Services in Office SharePointServer 2007 hotfix package: October 3, 2007 (KB 943076)

The hotfixes are available to downloadat the links above and will be included in the Microsoft Office 2007 ServicePack 1 (SP1) and in an upcoming Public Update (release dates are currentlyunavailable).  We encourage you to install these updates as soon aspossible.  

Who is affected?

All customers and users of Excel 2007and Excel Services in Office SharePoint Server 2007 are affected. Versionsprior to Excel 2007 are not affected.

What is the issue?

The Excel team was made aware of anissue with the display of calculation result numbers within the ranges of65534.99999999995 to 65535 and 65535.99999999995 to 65536. (Try entering =850*77.1 into a cell.)  Investigation into these reports determined thatmany calculations resulting in a number within these ranges actually displayedthe incorrect value 100,000. This is not due to a calculation error but a flawwith the display of this calculation.  The hotfixes as described in KB 943075 and KB 943076 will address thisissue.