ExpertZone chat Dec 7th

Thanks everybody who participated in today's ExpertZone chat.

FAQs for those who are new to this blog:

  • I hear you're working on a Martian recognizer. When will the Martian recognizer be available? -- We cannot comment on unannounced recognizer work. Whether we even have a Martian recognizer planned for a future release is tip-top secret and we will consistently respond to your questions in this way: "No comment"
  • What is the best Tablet? -- The best Tablet available today is whatever works for you. Define "best". I personally like the Lenovo x41, but others like Motion slates, some like Toshiba M4s and yet others like HP TC1100s. You say tomato, I say tomatoe.
  • What can you tell me about Windows Vista? -- Not a whole lot other than it's a work-in-progress and we are still working on it. I can tell you that it gets better quality-wise every CTP, so we are headed in the right direction.
  • Can you help me when my Internet Explorer displays 404 errors? -- No. Nor can we help you with your other generic Windows issues. The Tablet PC ExpertZone chat is for Tablet PC topics please.
  • Can you help me with <programming question> for Tablet? -- Depends on whether we have any devs joining us for the chat. Today we didn't have any devs, but I got one to sign up for the next chat in January.

Please use the Contact link above to contact me offline if you need to. I will try to answer all Tablet PC-related requests that come in.