Goings on..

It's been busy here at the bitmines lately.

We've implemented a lot of fixes to the Tablet PC Platform SDK, which will go out as part of the Windows SDK going forward. One very interesting set of bugs (imho) involved certain samples' assumption that they were being run single-threaded. Well, with the new CLR (Common Language Runtime) 2.0, that assumption is no longer true, so we've had to explicitly set them to STA.

We're polishing up the last quality measures for our features in Vista Beta 2. As one of our VPs famously said, we're not just fixing the plane in-flight, we're rebuilding it, and that's causing some pain in the internal automation tools we use to generate our measures vs the quality bars we have to meet. But I've done my part and touch input meets the release criteria for Beta 2. Ship it!

There has been quite a lot of interest in the Fujitsu-Siemens p1510d touch-enabled mini-notebook running Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005. I'm still trying to get some additional information out of some contacts at F-S, so no Vista news for you on that front.

The driver situation and Windows update path end-to-end for Vista really impress me today vs where we were 6 months ago. It's virtually seamless and very few drivers are unavailable from WU now. The ones that are missing, are for edge-case and legacy devices.

If you haven't already, please check out the Mobility Developer Center, especially the Sudoku sample.