Lenovo X-series batteries failing (and what to do about it)

I had to have my battery replaced after a mere 30-something cycles. While I was whining about it to my Lenovo rep, my office-neighbor called out that she too, had suffered from a battery issue exactly like mine.

After getting our batteries replaced, I haven't had any issues with the replacement. However, I've seen quite a few calls for batteries go by on the grapevine.

Now, I find this post from the Lenovo blog "Inside the Box". Lenovo is extending the warranty and replacing batteries that fail testing.

"The Battery Verification Tool will tell you if your battery failed due to this issue, and if so, will direct you to the site where you can request a replacement.

Note: This issue is not related to previous safety recalls and does not pose a safety hazard."

P.S. I'm deep into planning/early milestones for Windows 7. I apologize for the lack of posts. Sucky code name huh?