PDC build 5219 of Vista and Tablet PCs

Short one today, as I'm preparing for a short trip to Germany to visit some execs at SAP.

A few people have asked in various forums whether PDC build 5219 will run/install on their Tablets. I can say with confidence that we've tested the majority of first-, second- and third-generation Tablets with Vista and there are very few blocking issues with running Vista on your Tablet.

NEC Tablets were all the rage when they were available and we haven't had the greatest of luck at getting specimens for our lab. I hear they're no longer available in the US.

Motion Computing m1300 units require a BIOS update to enable installing Vista. This bug didn't affect the m1200, m1400 or LE1600 models though. Lucky me, I use an m1300 as my mail machine. Thank goodness I've been able to test the BIOS update and it works well, no instabilities to report. Unfortunately, I don't think the update is available publicly, but you should know about it so you don't waste your time trying to install Vista on an m1300.

IBM/Lenovo X41s are so new, we can't even get production units. Well, at least, I haven't been able to get my hot little hands on one for "testing".  (big grin)

64-bit Acer Ferraris (not Tablets, but interesting hw) have some kinks, mainly driver support. Again, I haven't gotten my hands on one to pin down the definitive list of issues.

To be absolutely clear, these are not the only issues with Vista on Tablet hardware, but it is now past 3am Pacific time and I'm shuffling off to bed...