Thumbing through my CODE Focus magazine

First thing, of course, is to look for the photo of the team (page 10). I'm the one in the bright orange Tablet shirt. Lora mentioned this particular photo on her blog.

Quite a few good articles in the magazine, but it's too bad that there's not much of even a mention of Tablet hardware. Good expose of Windows SideShow though.

I firmly believe that it is very important to end-users' Tablet experience to have enough CPU horsepower and RAM to appreciate the work we're doing on the software side of Tablet. This is the age-old debate around "code bloat" and "why upgrade? my existing hardware runs just fine". Especially regarding Windows Vista, my personal recommendation centers on getting it preloaded on new hardware. Particularly if you are interested in experiencing the full functionality (read: Aero Glass) of Vista.

I still don't even know if I can write about my features. We will be feature-complete soon though, so hopefully. Some of the miscellany like Pen Training, PenService, Gestures etc are public, but...

I'm lovin' the pics of everybody in the margins of the magazine. They don't all look quite as geeky in real life.

p.s. MEDC is looking for papers (CFP) and speakers. Visit this link if you want to know more.