Windows Vista clean installs and wireless networking

I've been using my Lenovo x60 Tablet for about a month now, and when I'm at home, I've not had any wireless connectivity. This wasn't such a big deal, as I can just plug in. But it's darn inconvenient!

Last week, I was in class (Debugging .NET Applications, by John Robbins) and got a little annoyed at my Tablet not having any wireless connectivity. I mean, it connected in the office, why not here?

Poking around some, I found out why I wasn't getting any connectivity outside of my office. If you go to:

Control Panel >> Network & Sharing >> Manage Network Connections >> *wireless connection* >> Properties >> Configure button >> Advanced tab >> Wireless Mode property

You'll find a list of values. In my case, the value was set to 1) 802.11a. I changed it to 6) 802.11 a/b/g and voila! I had wireless connectivity again. The property must have been set this way because I clean-installed Windows Vista instead of upgrading the Windows XPSP2 that came with it.

And why did I have wireless in my office? My building has been upgraded and there must be 802.11a spoken in my building, but not others yet.