[Visual Studio Extension Of The Day] Test Scribe for Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 and Test Professional 2010


Test Scribe is a documentation power tool designed to construct documents directly from the TFS for test plan and test run artifacts for the purpose of discussion, reporting etc...


Known Issues/Limitations

  1. Customizing the generated report by changing the template, adding comments, including attachments etc… is not supported
  2. While opening a test plan summary document in  Office 2007, if you get the warning: “The file Test Plan Summary cannot be
    opened because there are problems with the contents” (with Details: ‘The file is corrupt and cannot be opened’), click ‘OK’. Then, click ‘Yes’ to recover the
    contents of the document. This will then open the document in Office 2007. The same problem is not found in Office 2010.
  3. Generated documents are stored by default in the “My documents” folder. The output path of the generated report cannot be modified.
  4. Exporting word documents for individual test suites or test cases in a test plan is not supported.
Download it from Visual Studio Extension Manager