File Server Resource Manager: Creating a custom classification module - Running the Classification Module

Hello everyone,

This is the final part of my mini-series on how to create a custom file classification module that can be run by the File Server Resource Manager which ships with Windows Server 2008 R2. (If you missed the other parts, you can return to the index by clicking here)


Running the module

To execute our classification module we need at least one classification property and one classification rule.

First I created two example properties in the management console of the FSRM:


Only if there are properties defined we can create rules. I created a rule for the “File Name” property and selected our module:

Please note that the field “Property value to be assigned” is disabled. This is because our module is going to supply the value.


Finally I scheduled the FSRM to run a classification on C:\temp tomorrow:

Optionally, instead of scheduling the classification to a later point in time, you can decide to run it right now.


That concludes my mini-series on creating a custom classification module. I hope it proved to be useful for you!


Helge Mahrt