Unable to read handle information


The easiest way to generate a dump file is using Task Manager. All you have to do is to find the correct process

and then right click on it and choose the “Create dump file” menu item. When you start working on a dump file sooner

or later you might want to check the handles. In that case you receive the following response :


!handle: extension exception 0x80004002.

    "Unable to read handle information"


Not all dump files have the handle information of a process. There is a way to see whether the handle data is included or not in the dump file.


----- User
Mini Dump Analysis



Version         A793 (6380)

NumberOfStreams 11

Flags           1826

                0002 MiniDumpWithFullMemory

                0004 MiniDumpWithHandleData

                0020 MiniDumpWithUnloadedModules

                0800 MiniDumpWithFullMemoryInfo

                1000 MiniDumpWithThreadInfo


Voila! The dump file should have the handle information. For details of different dump types you can check the following references.


MINIDUMP_TYPE enumeration




Include high-level information about the operating system handles that are active when the minidump is made.


So far so good. However, the reason for not having the handle information is an issue with Task Manager.

With current releases of Windows 10 RC and Windows Server RC editions you can see that Task Manager includes the handle data in the dump files.

Until Windows 10 is RTMed and widespread we can generate dump files with usual ways if we are after the handle information.