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My new team

Three and a half months ago I switched teams. I'm now part of the "Oslo" Modeling Languages team. If...

Author: Hoop Date: 10/30/2008

Justin's got one

Justin Ng has started an MSDN blog. Justin and I work together on the Zune Services team.

Author: Hoop Date: 05/28/2007

Test Post

Testing a custom moniker link in community server 2.0

Author: Hoop Date: 03/30/2007

Making svcutil.exe and VisualBasic.Net play nice

Ali Pasha has an interesting post about some issues you can run into when you use Visual Basic and...

Author: Hoop Date: 01/24/2007

XBox Live Video Market place

"To celebrate its first birthday on November 22, Xbox 360™ becomes the first and only gaming console...

Author: Hoop Date: 11/22/2006

.Net Framework 3.0 has Shipped!

The first product I worked on here at Microsoft has shipped....

Author: Hoop Date: 11/22/2006


More LINQ goodness here. I love it!

Author: Hoop Date: 08/29/2006

svcutil /reference and /excludeType

I get a lot of internal feedback that the svcutil options are confusing. svcutil.exe originally...

Author: Hoop Date: 08/28/2006


I ran into an issue this summer while helping some interns port Terrarium to use .Net 3.0 and since...

Author: Hoop Date: 08/28/2006

A New Job

I have some news I probably should have blogged about earlier. I am no longer on the Connected...

Author: Hoop Date: 08/25/2006

Bluetooth on your wrist

I've been waiting a long time for someone to come out with something like this.

Author: Hoop Date: 03/03/2006

Back in the game

After almost a year and a half of not posting to my web log, I'm going try and start up again. To...

Author: Hoop Date: 11/28/2005

How SharePoint works

This is an amazing article on the difference between WSS (Windows SharePoint Services ) and (SPS)...

Author: Hoop Date: 04/29/2004

InfoPath SP1

Chris Anderson led me to this:...

Author: Hoop Date: 03/24/2004

Getting Dumped

Craig just dumped Dot. He did it publicly too. It's sad but the letter does have decent comic value,...

Author: Hoop Date: 03/24/2004

XML Schema Constraints

It's been a while since I looked at the XML Schema spec but some work I was doing last week caused...

Author: Hoop Date: 03/11/2004

Roaming at Home

My MPx200 Smarphone has been on the fritz for a while now. it misses more calls than it used to and...

Author: Hoop Date: 03/04/2004

Theory of Relativity

A few Weeks ago my roomate Nick and I had a minor disagreement over the fact that I recently...

Author: Hoop Date: 02/16/2004

Social Networks

Chris Anderson voiced a concern I've had with social networks for some time. The bring more SPAM....

Author: Hoop Date: 02/13/2004

How long will this last...

I wonder how long I will keep blogging now that I've started? This blog phenomenon is really...

Author: Hoop Date: 02/10/2004

This is more Like it!

With a tool like BlogJet I'm more likely to post to my blog when I have something to say...

Author: Hoop Date: 02/10/2004