Logger.exe is no substitute for a KITL debugger connection

This entry is dedicated to my readers troubled by Logger.exe and its sometimes incomplete log files. I carefully review all comments made to HoppeRx and Logger.exe (and its issues) appear to be a recurring theme.

For those unfamiliar with the tool, Logger.exe is a lightweight utility shipped with the Logo Test Kit that will capture debug messages to a log file either on your device or storage card. Often these messages are verbose and unreadable to the untrained eye, but are a crucial investigation tool for the savvy debugger. The purpose of this entry is to address some issues and complaints some readers have logged (pun intended) about incomplete logs being written to their device.

This entry started out as a defense of Logger and how the advent of Windows Mobile 5.0 and RNDIS/USB debugging should minimize the need for such a tool. But after editing out all my poor grammar, I realized you (the customer) don’t really care – you are focused on shipping your device and simply want the info. Fair enough.

So with that, I open HoppeRx up to you and want to hear about your experiences with the tool. Please keep in mind that this is a community site and the more constructive and detailed your suggestions are, the more likely they will be addressed. I make no promises that bugs reported will be fixed, but I can assure you each will be evaluated by me and my findings reported back to the community.