7 essential resources to drive more revenue with digital marketing

Let's face a cold, bitter truth: from a prospective customer's perspective, you're no longer the expert. With an overabundance of information online, more than 70% of customers make their buying decision before they contact you to finalize the sale.

So how can you attract, engage and convert customers when they seem to need you only during the last mile? Simple. Adjust your  marketing tactics to the digital buyer. And how do I do that, you ask? You can get started right here, with our round-up of digital marketing tools and resources produced specifically for Microsoft partners. Best of all, nearly all of these resources are absolutely free--just for being a valued partner.

Digital Marketing: How to Differentiate and Grow your Business in a Cloud World

We consider this hour-long webcast, hosted on the Cloud Channel Network, essential viewing for any partner. It's packed with the very latest approaches to digital marketing: learn why digital marketing matters more now, understand the cloud customer journey, get recommendations to put together the right plan for your business while learning how to save time and money with Microsoft marketing resources.

Partner-Customer Journey Framework

The Partner-Customer Journey Framework is a step-by-step Customer Lifecycle Management methodology to ramp up your service offerings with Microsoft cloud solutions, and then start converting prospects, presenting the right offer, onboarding new customers, and driving usage, upsells and retention. View the framework and related resources to get started on the journey.

Smart Partner Marketing smart-partner-marketingA treasure trove of digital marketing insights, tools and resources to transform the way you reach and convert customers. Learn how cloud customers buy, take an assessment to check your marketing readiness, and access expert-led demand generation training.

Marketing SureStep

Get step-by-step guidance to help build your marketing plan. This marketing plan template helps you drive your marketing in the direction you want. Plus, you can dial in to weekly SureStep Open Office Hours--a 30 minute weekly time block to ask the US SMB Digital Marketing Team questions on marketing best practices and other marketing-related topics, such as content marketing, social selling, Microsoft Community Connections (MCC), ready-to-go marketing resources, campaigns and events.

 Differentiate yourself as a Microsoft Partner brandingCreate a custom Microsoft Partner badge and incorporate it into your branding and marketing activities to align yourself with the depth of Microsoft's offerings. By leveraging the Microsoft brand and your partnership, you'll showcase your expertise and credibility and help inspire customer confidence.


Launch a campaign using customizable marketing and sales content—“campaign-in-a-box” content that helps you go to market faster, reach the right customers, and grow your profits.

Digital Commerce and Campaign Network

Creating and integrating compelling content into your website can be expensive and time-consuming, but with the help of the Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign Network , you can do it in 5 minutes for free. Simply register, choose the campaigns for the Microsoft services you sell, pick up the code and place it on your website. Rich metrics help you gauge impact.

Digital Stride

DigitalStride offers partners a packaged set of digital marketing services at a low price, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can help potential customers find their website at a lower cost per acquisition. The services also include the improvement of a partner’s Microsoft Referrals profile helping to generate new cloud opportunities and more business transactions.

There's more...

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