Free/Busy information is not being shared between Cloud and On-Premise accounts (Error code 5037)


In the Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises environment, when a user that uses a cloud account to get free/busy information from an on-premises account, the user may fail to get the information. Additionally, the following error message is prompted:

    You don't have permission to see free/busy information for this attendee. (Error code 5037)


Many issues may result in this issue that mentioned in symptoms. The following is observed in the business environment:

On-premise domain's autodiscover that points to Office 365 is not configured in Organization Relationship on both sides

How to identify this issue

Run the test-OrganizationRelationship cmdlet to get detailed information. For example, you can run the following command:

test-OrganizationRelationship -identity "To Cloud" –verbose

And you will see an error similar to below:


Id : AutodiscoverServiceCallFailed

Status : Error

Description : The Autodiscover call failed.

IsValid : True.



1. Configured on-premise as a CNAME to point to,

2. Added to list of Federated Domains for On-Premise OrganizationRelationship

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Applies To

Office 365 for enterprises