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Welcome! My primary day job these days is that I'm an Architect on the Visual
C++ team at Microsoft, currently responsible for leading the redesign of the C++ Managed
Extensions for .NET (aka "Managed C++"). I also do a fair amount of other C++
writing and speaking (including right now busily writing two
new books
due out in the spring), and I chair the ISO C++ standards committee.
You can find out more about me on my website.

At first, I'll mostly use this blog to begin answering frequently asked questions
about the language extensions redesign. The VC++ team has learned a lot about
what worked and what didn't work with the current Managed Extensions for C++ (aka
"Managed C++"). The redesign is an evolution of those extensions but it
isn't being called "Managed C++" any more. The new syntax is about to undergo standardization
in the ECMA and ISO worlds under the name "C++/CLI," a binding from C++ to the CLI, so
I'll often refer to the extensions by that name. I get questions about this every
day or two, and I'll primarily answer them here.

In the meantime, you can find a general overview blurb about this work on my website's Microsoft