Copy all highlighted text in your Word document

You probably already use the highlighter pen tool to mark up favorite phrases or passages needing work in your Microsoft Word documents. But did you know that you can quickly select and copy all of your highlighted text to a new document?

In Word 2010, click the small arrow next to the Find button on the Home tab and select Advanced Find:

Advanced Find

(If you're using Word 2007, just use Ctrl-F to get there.)

Now click the More button to access the Format button, where you can select Highlight:

Format: Highlight

Now click the Find In button and select Main Document:

Find In: Main Document

Your highlighted text is now selected. Click Close, use Ctrl -C to copy the selected parts of the document to your clipboard, and then Ctrl-N to create a new document. Paste with Ctrl-V and you have a new document with your highlighted text.