Create a custom view of your data in Access on SharePoint

Awhile back, we shared how to publish your Access database to SharePoint. Once you and your team are working in it, you may find things a bit overwhelming. There may be different fields for different teams, and - unlike with Excel - you can't lock the first column to keep your bearings.

No worries, there's a great tool available to help you view and edit only the fields that matter to you.

First, make sure you are on the List tab and that you have Datasheet View selected:

Datasheet View

Take a look at all of the data you have. Too many columns, things you don't need to see? Click Create View. This will let you create another way to look at the data. Don't worry; any fields you don't select will still be in the database.

Now, pick a view format - we'll choose Datasheet View:

Choose a view format

More view formats

Give your view a name and then uncheck any boxes you don't want to display and re-order them however you like by adjusting their number under Position from Left:

Name and customize your view

You also may want to select a field or two to sort on:

Sort options

Click OK to save your view and bookmark it for easy access.

Unless you have high SharePoint permissions, you can only create personal views. If this is the case and you make a helpful view that your coworkers are all coveting, ask your SharePoint administrator if it can be added as a public view.