Ribbon Hero 2 makes learning about Office features even more fun

You might remember how Ribbon Hero, introduced last year, made learning about Office features as you work seamless and enjoyable. But it wasn't really a game, even though it did track your score and progress.

Now Ribbon Hero 2 is here, and it really is more of a game - but one that teaches you Office 2007 and Office 2010 as you progress through a storyline featuring the old Clippy Office assistant, a time machine, and lots of useful time-saving techniques such as how to reformat a pie chart with a single click.

Ribbon Hero 2 training game

The challenges load up directly in your Office applications and provide hints if you need them. When you succeed, you'll be rewarded with points and advance the story:

Ribbon Hero 2 challenge

After you install Ribbon Hero 2, look for the new button on the far right of your Ribbon and click it whenever you have a little time for a teaching puzzle:

Ribbon Hero 2 button

The best part is that if your boss busts you for playing games on the job, you can honestly say you're doing work: training to be a more efficient Office user!