Save time with Outlook shortcuts

If you've been using Outlook for a long time, you probably know the basic shortcuts:

New message: Ctrl+N

Mark message read: Ctrl+Q

Mark message unread: Ctrl+U

Delete item: Ctrl+D or Delete

Check for new mail: Ctrl+M or F9

And if you've been reading this blog, you know about the two useful shortcuts involving the V key.

But there are many more Outlook shortcuts you could add to your time-saving repertoire. Here are a few particularly useful ones:

Reply: Ctrl+R

Reply All: Ctrl+Shift+R

Forward: Ctrl+F

Create Appointment: Ctrl+Shift+A

Create Contact: Ctrl+Shift+C

Create Task: Ctrl+Shift+K

Create Note: Ctrl+Shift+N

Create Fax: Ctrl+Shift+X

Create Contact Group (formerly Distribution List): Ctrl+Shift+L

Switch to Mail: Ctrl+1

Switch to Calendar: Ctrl+2

Switch to Contacts: Ctrl+3

Switch to Tasks: Ctrl+4

Switch to Notes: Ctrl+5

Pick the tasks you perform most often in Outlook and memorize the related shortcuts to save time.