Support-Release: (MIM2016): Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 update package


Since the release of MIM 2016 SP1 just over a month ago, we received overwhelming feedback from our partners and customers regarding the upgrade paths for the service pack.

Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of the MIM 2016 SP1 Update MSP. This MSP allows current customers on MIM 2016 RTM, or any hotfix build since 2016 RTM to perform an in-place upgrade to the current build of this MSP (4.4.1302.0).

The supported in-place upgrade scenarios are outlined in the table below. To obtain this update, please click here.

Please note: build 4.4.1237.0 (MIM 2016 SP1 RTM) has been officially replaced by build 4.4.1302.0. This MSP cannot be applied to build 4.4.1237.0 (MIM 2016 SP1 RTM). Any customers running 4.4.1237.0 are advised to uninstall and reinstall latest SP1 Release. Hotfix servicing will be against the 4.4.1302.0(MIM 2016 SP1 RTM).

Additionally, for customers running Office 2010 needing the x86 Add-ins and Extensions, do not update using this MSP, a forthcoming hotfix will be made available in the coming months.

We want to hear from you! If you have any comments for the Product Group, please send us an email at:

Initial Build Hotfix Applied Build after SP1 Update
RTM(4.3.2195.0) None 4.4.1302.0
RTM(4.3.2195.0) 4.3.2064.0 4.4.1302.0
RTM(4.3.2195.0) 4.3.2064.0, 4.3.2195.0 4.4.1302.0
RTM(4.3.2195.0) 4.3.2195.0 4.4.1302.0
RTM(4.3.2195.0) 4.3.2266.0 4.4.1302.0

A Update package (build 4.4.1302.0) is available for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 here:

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Find below a listing of cumulative updates that have come after the Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1.

We also track our build history here: