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So for the last 18 months or so there has been nary a peep on this blog about anything. One contributing factor to this extended period of silence would happen to be the fact that I now have an 18 month old daughter and I was feeling a bit of a time crunch. But the actual big reason is that I moved teams within Visual Studio and was working on a project that was flying under the radar for about a year. This new product is the Historical Debugger that is going to be shipping with Visual Studio 2010 (I’ll have an introduction post up for this feature later today) and it’s much more out in the open now so I’m ready to start blogging up some hype for it. I’m still a part of the Visual Studio Diagnostics team and just down the hallway from my profiler ex-coworkers so I’m still around for answering / forwarding profiler questions. As before there will be a few odd-ball posting here and there, but in general just expect lots of information, samples and chat about the Historical Debugging feature.