VSTS Team Suite Edition boxed up and ready to roll

           Just yesterday I moseyed down to our team admin’s office and picked up my boxed copy of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite edition. While we did officially ship some time before this it was still a pretty fun occasion for me to pick up the first “box” of software that I helped to create. As I came to Microsoft directly after graduating from college (to the same team that I had interned with before) this is the first software that I have shipped in any fashion and I was pretty jazzed. Software is a little bizarre in that, unlike something like the Xbox 360, the cost to produce and package is quite small after it is developed. So the company is able to pretty easily print out extra copies of Visual Studio Team Suite for all the team even though to actually purchase Team System you have to spend in the thousands of dollars. Still, I like that they took the time to print out official copies for us all, it’s defiantly something that I’m going to hold onto.


            Plus the packaging is very nice! Inside of the main case it has a little CD case that has a fake metal finish that looks a bit like the metallic briefcases that it has become so trendy to package things in. Below the CD case is all the usual manuals and posters that you would expect with a Visual Studio project. After I’m back from my Christmas break I’ll see if I can post up some digital pictures of the Team Suite box contents.