Are you a developer with a security story?

A slight aside from the normal topics...

We're looking for developers who have an experience with security that they would like to share with the world. What do we mean by "experience"?

Some examples:

  • Your code has been attacked by malware or a hacker and the steps you took to recover / prevent further attacks.
  • You have inherited some poorly-written code (or joined a new company with poorly-written code) that would open your system to attack, and you have put steps in place to correct this.
  • You have heard about security vulnerabilities in code and decided to find out how to prevent them, and as a result your code is significantly more secure.
  • You had trouble convincing your boss/co-workers/team-mates about the importance of writing secure code and how you went about convincing them.


Essentially any story that helps demonstrate developer security issues in the real world. We intend to showcase a few of these stories on our security website and would like to contact people to get something written up. If you think you have an experience worth relating, and you’re prepared to be interviewed, send me an email and I’ll get someone to follow up with you.

Oh and for clarity: Obviously you may well have suffered from a security attack that isn't related to your code - and have suffered the resulting pain - but we're really looking just for developer / code related stories in this instance.