Different background pictures on dual monitor setups

I’ve been running with dual monitors for some time and find it’s a really useful way to work, whether you’re writing code or writing a letter. And with monitors getting to reasonable price points these days it has become increasingly common to see this kind of setup.

However, unless you’re prepared to spend time with Photoshop (or free alternative) to hand-craft your own two-monitor-wide background, you’ll be stuck with the same background picture on both monitors.

And that’s just not quite cool enough.

I’ve seen postings that walk you through how to do this on XP, but not on Vista. So I was really pleased to find that Binary Fortress Software provide a little free utility that makes it really easy to do. They offer a pro version for $10 Canadian which is worth a look, if nothing else to show your support.

Download it from http://www.binaryfortress.com/displayfusion.

And if someone knows of another easier way to do this on Vista let me know…but in my opinion this is a great way to get the job done.