Finding UK-specific information for Microsoft developers

While us lot at Microsoft are pretty much aware of where to find things on the website, it's all too easy to forget that not everyone is as close to (or obsessed with) this stuff as we are.

So I thought it work posting a few links to useful areas of the UK MSDN website that you might not have seen recently. Most of these links have a developer focus, there is of course tons of other stuff for other IT Professionals, business users, consumers, etc but I wanted to keep this tight on the links that I think are most useful for UK developers.

And not to forget of course that if you sign up to MSDN Connection ( you'll be able to indicate the technology areas you're interested in and as a result get better targeted information when you visit the MSDN website.

Type Comment Link
UK events Microsoft runs a host of free developer events in the UK. Find out about them here
10-minute Webcasts These short (usually 10 min) webcasts focus on one specific technology area
UK community Find local user groups, exchange views online, etc. UK specific
Support Get incident-based support and online self-help support, also articles and white papers
Learning Books, training, courseware etc, UK focused
UK MSDN subscription information Find out more about MSDN subscriptions in the UK
Case studies Speaks for itself, these are UK-specific but obviously not targeted at developers per se
Architects UK-based architect information
Students/Academic programmes How we work with students and academics in the UK