I'm in love with Tafiti

I have fallen for Tafiti in a big way. Who is Tafiti? Actually Tafiti is a "what" rather than a "who" - and there's a reasonable chance you'll fall for it too.

Tafiti is an interface to Live search, built using Silverlight that scores high on the cool factor. In fact, anyone who sees me using it a) wants to know what it is and b) immediately wants to use it themselves.

Here are the pieces that I really like:

  1. Very cool interface that feels a world away from your standard web search engine interface
  2. The ability to save search results by dragging them on to a "shelf" next to the search results
  3. The fact that this "shelf" is maintained across sessions and even across machines if you're logged in using your Live Id
  4. The fact that you can email the shelf to other people, or post it to your Live Space
  5. The ability to search not only the web, but books, RSS feeds, images and news too
  6. The fact that you can filter the search results to really pinpoint what you're looking for
  7. The cool and eerie tree view that circles your search results around in 3D, with a slider bar to affect how many results are displayed. I find that I tend to click on results using the tree that I wouldn't have using the standard display.

But enough already, what's the URL. Unsurprisingly, it's www.tafiti.com.

Oh and why "tafiti"? Read the FAQ on the site for details.