Pictures of Bing Stickers in Use

I’ve started to receive some photos of how people are using the Bing stickers I sent out. I sent out about 30 to various people around the world and I still have some more pending requests – I’m running very low now despite getting a few more in. And of course I must actually get on and do some work sometime… :-)

Here are the first two, starting with Ian Blackburn’s car:


And Mark Wisecarver has kitted out his custom Harley in fantastic fashion. See his website at for more of these, here are just a few:

Bing - 2000 Harley FXDXBing - 2000 Harley FXDXBing - 2000 Harley FXDX

I’ll post more pics from people as and when I get them.

 Update: Here are some more

From Raj Rao:

And this one from Rob Margel:

Another one from Rob showing subtle use of a Bing sticker on his son's scooter:

Alan Smith sent me this rather scary "wheeliebing" picture, I'm sure there are negative connotations here but I'm blanking them:


John Price has pointed me at his blog post that has a number of pictures of Bing stickers on planes. And a lawnmower. No really.


Adam Selby showed me how he's showing some Bing love on his Mac: