The "S" word

You may or may not have noticed an announcement we made late on Sunday, so I thought I'd draw people's attention to it: "Silverlight". And it gives me such pleasure to be able to talk about this technology as for the past few months we've been banned from even mentioning the "S" word, even in internal emails.

However, I'm not going to say much about Silverlight right now. I'll point you to a couple of resources if you want to learn more, but for developers the interesting stuff will happen at the Mix 07 conference in two week's time, and I'll post some blog entries about Silverlight at that time.

In the interim, keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. Silverlight is signficant. If you have even a passing interest in the Microsoft platform and Microsoft technology then you should learn about Silverlight
  2. Most of what you read about Silverlight between now and Mix will focus on the media elements of the technology. This is important but it isn't the whole picture, so bear in mind that if you really want to "get" what Silverlight is then stay tuned for information announced at the Mix 07 conference

Here are a few resources to help explain the annoucement we made late Sunday at the NAB conference: