trueSpace 7.6 now a free download

In case you missed it, Chris Pendleton announced in his blog post yesterday we are now providing the full trueSpace 7.6 3D tool as a free download.

This is really cool for a number of reasons, not least because a) trueSpace is a serious 3D tool that has previously retailed at hundreds of dollars and b) because you can upload your creations into Virtual Earth for all to see.

It's interesting to do a few Internet searches for trueSpace to see what it used to cost and how well regarded it is. I've seen version 6 (ie an old version) listed at £569.88 - incredible that you can now get the absolute latest version for nothing.

UPDATE: Looks like some people are having trouble finding the download link, here it is:

You'll need to register, then you'll get some download links for the full product (130MB), the PDF manual (51MB) and a collection of videos (132MB).