Office 2010 Training–Just tell me “what’s new!”

Ok, you are an Office 2003 (or earlier) power user, and you want to just learn what is new in Office 2010.  You are in luck, Microsoft has published a series of free PowerPoint format training courses to help you learn What’s new in Office 2010. 

Make the Switch from 2003 to 2010image

If you are making the switch from Microsoft Office Word 2003 or earlier to Microsoft Word 2010, and you are comfortable in Office but want to learn your way around this newest version, these free courses are for you. We’ll help you get familiar with changes and see how to perform essential everyday tasks.

Word (online or download 45MB .PPTX course)


Excel (online or download PPTX)


PowerPoint (online or download PPTX)


Outlook (online or download PPTX)


Access (online or download PPTX)


OneNote (online or download PPTX)


Visio (online or download PPTX)