Wow–Ribbon Hero 2 is Amazing for Office 2010 Training

I’ve used Ribbon Hero 1 in the past, and thought it was pretty cool and clever.

The team recently announced that Ribbon Hero 2 is available for download.  Ribbon Hero 2 is a game, yes a game, that embeds into Office 2010 and Office 2007 for learning.

It’s quite a novel approach to training – by having you actually use the features in Office wrapped up in an online adventure.

I was expecting a minor change from Ribbon Hero 1.  Was I surprised when it was completely changed, and all for the better.  In this version it is really a game that takes you through different Office applications with tasks and actions – following the adventures of Clippy as he travels through time in his time machine. 

It really is a lot of fun and includes everything a good game should:  Clippy, Comic Strips, Colourful graphics, Surprise animations, multiple levels, time travel, upside-down clippy, space ships, greed gods, bows and arrows, all with Office training happening.

Download it for Office 2007 or Office 2010 at    (Yes, it’s free)

I think this could change the way people think about Office Training, and training in general.  Have fun!

See below for screen shots of some of the action:

Clippy in Ancient Egypt



Helping the Pharaoh with his To Do List in OneNote:



Creating an animation to have the Knight  charge at the Dragon in PowerPoint:



Successfully changing the Knights Square Table to a Round Table