FIM 2010 Online Training

Evaluating FIM for identity management, already looking at deploying or are you in the middle of a project? The Online Ramp Up Training that we released this summer can really help you.

As you can see from the goals with the training below this is not just an overview training, it is a technical training targeted at those implementing FIM:

  • Understand FIM concepts and components.
  • Identify appropriate FIM scenarios.
  • Manage users, groups, and passwords using FIM.
  • Synchronize identity data across systems, such as Active Directory and HR.
  • Understand the issues involved in loading data (initial load, backup, and disaster recovery).
  • Configure security for different levels of user.
  • Manage password self-service reset and synchronization.
  • Automate run cycles.
  • Handle sets, simple workflows, and management policy rules (MPRs).

Each module includes a Student Manual, Video Recording of professional trainer delivering the module and an online LAB  running in Hyper-V on Microsoft Virtual Lab


For example this is for Module 1:

Introducing Forefront Identity Manager 2010 This module is a tour of many of the built-in features of FIM focusing on the user experience. The student will explore the FIM interface, the high level architecture of FIM, and the business needs that FIM addresses. In this module, the student will examine FIM in its installed and configured state, whereas the rest of the course will be spent understanding how FIM works, and building the fully configured FIM from a raw installation. The lab explores creating a new user, managing groups and credentials for that user, and the experience of that new user.

Article: Introducing Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Student Manual

Video: Introducing Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Presentation

Virtual Lab: The FIM Experience

Online Training on FIM 2010: