ZS: 51. ActiveX-Filterung zulassen


GUI Name: ActiveX-Filterung zulassen /Allow ActiveX Filtering

Supported on: Mindestens Internet Explorer 9.0

Registry key: [HKLM|HKCU]\Software\[Policies\]Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\%ZONEID%

Registry value: 2702


Über diese Einstellung lässt sich steuern, ob in der entsprechenden Zone ActiveX Filterung möglich ist oder nicht.

Introducing ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9

ActiveX Filtering allows you to browse the Web without running any ActiveX controls. As you browse the Web, you may encounter webpages that don't work properly unless you install an ActiveX control. ActiveX controls are powerful browser plugins that enable many rich web experiences. However, many of these controls are written by 3rd parties and Microsoft cannot guarantee their quality.

After installing an ActiveX control to use on a particular site, you may find that this control is now running on many other websites as well. Sometimes, such controls may be used to display content that you don't want to see, and they might even prevent you from having a good experience when viewing the webpage. Moreover, ActiveX controls may introduce performance, reliability, security or privacy issues while browsing.

ActiveX Filtering puts you even more firmly in control of the ActiveX controls running in your browser. When ActiveX Filtering is enabled, you can choose which websites you want to allow to run ActiveX controls. Sites you have not approved cannot run these controls, and the browser will not show prominent notifications prompting you to install or enable them.

Observe how ActiveX Filtering works with this demo page. For more information about ActiveX Filtering, click here.

Mögliche Werte:

0x0 => Aktivieren

0x3 => Deaktivieren


Eingeschränkte Seiten:

IE9: Aktivieren;

IE10: Aktivieren;



IE9: Aktivieren;

IE10: Aktivieren;


Vertrauenswürdigen Seiten:

IE9: Deaktivieren;

IE10: Aktivieren;


Lokales Intranet:

IE9: Deaktivieren;

IE10: Dektivieren;



ActiveX Filtering (Testdrive)

s.auch: IE9 ActiveX Filtering