Configuring DirectAccess™ using Forefront UAG 2010 SP1

I am really a great fan of DirectAccess and use it all the time to connect back to my corporate network when I am at home, traveling and sometimes even when I am on vacation Smile.

I know being a Infrastructure consultant, I do not cover much on core Windows Server technologies like BranchCache and DirectAccess which are equally interesting as Virtualization. Thankfully I have some great colleagues who are passionate about these core technologies and working really hard to help customers and partners to realize the value of some of these new features which we added in Windows Server 2008 R2 and also enabling them to deploy and configure them effectively.


Manoj Ravikumar Nair has posted a great screencast on Configuring DirectAccess using Forefront UAG 2010 SP1 and I couldn’t resist to share it with you all.

In this video, you would learn the following:

  • System Requirements for Forefront UAG
  • Installing Forefront UAG on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Performing the intial configuration of Forefront UAG 2010 SP1
  • Prepping up your environment for DirectAccess Deployment
  • Configuring DirectAccess using Forefront DirectAccess Configuration Wizard


I personally feel this is a great way of learning for someone who is deploying and supporting DirectAccess.

Manoj is also a fellow blogger, you can also check his Blog at for more information on Windows server Technologies, Virtualization and PowerShell.

And if you have any questions, want to give him feedback or suggestions about the topics you want him to do more screencasts on, contact him using this link