Hyper V Live Migration Network Configuration Guide: Now Available

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If you are following my blog, couple of weeks before i posted a blog post on Live Migration Network configuration. Now its time to learn the official way to configure the Live Migration network.

Microsoft has just released Hyper-V: Live Migration Network Configuration Guide.

This guide describes how to configure your network to use the live migration feature of Hyper-V™. It provides a detailed list of the networking configuration requirements for optimal performance and reliability, as well as recommendations for scenarios that do not meet these requirements.

Some of the common questions which are answered in this guide are:

  • “How Many Network Cards do I needs in my host?”
  • “What if my host has 2 NICs, 3NICs, 4NICs, more?”
  • “What network traffic should I consolidate if I have limited NICs?”
  • “Are the recommendations different if I have 1Gbps NICs or 10Gbps?”
  • Etc.

It also talks about Hyper-V live migration network requirements, Identifying the network access needs for live migration and Networking considerations for live migration.

We 'have always felt the need of this kind of best practices document on how to setup a live Migration network which can help in efficient and effective live Migrations in Hyper V Clusters. This document should now help us to get there and design the best Virtual Machine. infrastructure.

Access it here

If you wish to learn more about Microsoft Hyper V R2 Live Migration, Please download the Hyper-V Live Migration Overview & Architecture whitepaper

This document describes the live migration feature of Windows Server® 2008 R2 Hyper-V™ in detail, including how live migration moves running VMs and requirements for implementing live migration.

Hope it helps for now.

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