Virtualization and Cloud: Part 2


In my last post Part 1 of Virtualization and Cloud, I mentioned about Microsoft Cloud computing strategy and how strongly we are committed to this new area of computing and how Microsoft Virtualization can help a great deal in setting up a private cloud.

Today, I’ll talk about Microsoft’s Offerings in the Public Cloud, we’ll review some of the offerings and how it can help our customers to realize the full potential of their investments.

Microsoft is uniquely equipped to help customers transition to the cloud by:

  1. Guiding customers, through Advisory services, to make the best choices about where to run their application workloads (on-premises, cloud, hybrid);
  2. Empowering a highly agile IT environment through our consulting and deployment services to support their choices; and,
  3. Delivering world-class support to our customers through Premier and CSS no matter where their software runs.
  • Windows: Windows Azure offers a flexible, familiar environment designed to create applications and services for the cloud. With Windows Azure, you can shorten your time to market and adapt as demand for your service grows.
  • SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Azure provides a highly scalable, multi-tenant database that you don't have to install, setup, patch or manage. Kelley Blue Book, 3M, Siemens and other leading companies are using SQL Azure today.
  • Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Online is highly secure hosted e-mail with "anywhere access" for your employees, starting at just $5 per user per month.
  • SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint Online gives your business a highly secure, central location where employees can collaborate and share documents. That means more managed workflow, better version control, and "anywhere access" to business critical data.
  • Office: Microsoft Office Live Meeting provides real-time, Web-hosted conferencing so you can connect with colleagues and engage clients from almost anywhere – without the cost of travel. Microsoft Office Communications Online delivers robust messaging functionality for real-time communication via text, voice, and video. Microsoft Office Web Apps are online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, giving you the freedom to access, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents from virtually anywhere.
  • Dynamics CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps you find, keep, and grow business relationships by centralizing customer information and streamlining processes with a system that quickly adapts to new demands.

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